allan4There is a new dad in town and the celebrity baby bloom season is looking swell.

Former Crossover host Allan Thuo and his wife Myln have welcomed a bouncing baby girl whom they named; Anaiya Mary Waruhiu. According to Allan, baby Anaiya caught them completely by surprise as she came two days earlier than her due date.

“When we went to bed yesterday we didn’t have a clue that our little girl would come two days early. I want to applaud my wife for being brave enough to bring Anaiya into the world the natural way, the midwives for doing an amazing job, mom for all the help, Ashley and Randal and all our family and friends for all the prayers and encouraging messages”

The delivery did however come with a minor complication as baby Anaiya could not breathe for 20-30 seconds but she pulled through much to the delight of Allan.

“Most importantly I’d like thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for this awesome and beautiful gift. For 20-30 seconds she couldn’t breath;the longest half minute in my life, but our sovereign God intervened”

Check out the happy family