To close the week, let’s look at some of the stories making headlines from across the world. 

SAD! Here are PHOTOS of the Young Man Stabbed By His 21 Year old Girlfriend in Buruburu
Stampede kills 150 people at Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca –

A robot named Lucy is lining up to get an iPhone 6S in Australia
There’s An Insidious Racism Across The Porn Industry

Man Who Wrote ‘F*ck The F*cking Cops’ On Facebook Wins $35,000 Lawsuit
‘Zuckerberg had no idea what he was getting himself into’ with his $100 million donation to Newark public schools

Here’s what NASA has to say about today’s massive asteroid ‘threat’
A suicide bomber was filmed crying in fear before his sickening attack

Is this Africa’s most dedicated sports fan? –
LG teases phone with hard-to-spot secondary screen

These ear-free headphones look like a torture device from the future
Video Of Swedish Porn Star Jumping Into Bullfighting Ring To Comfort Wounded Bull

Couple experiencing a difficult pregnancy spot THIS in their baby’s scan
Mike Huckabee: Obama pretends to be a Christian –

‘Empire’ Season 2 premiere recap: You can’t cage Lucious
The 30 highest-paying jobs in America

Pope notes: Pope Francis travels to Washington –
Newsreader lands anchor role after leaving her blouse undone in screen test

Nigerian troops free 241 women, children in Boko Haram camps –
Rolls-Royce unveils rugby-themed Wraith

Giant steel balls are being added to skyscrapers for a very important reason
Mexico’s government has a video indicating ‘the level of complicity in Chapo’s escape’

Viola Davis’ daughter hacks her Instagram for cutest reason ever
Miss Italy Wishes She Had Lived Through World War Two

Anti-violence activists push to ban Chris Brown from touring Down Under