Gadgets are fast becoming important to Africans and smart phones are leading the way in this new wave. The mobile phone and internet connectivity status of Africa has grown by more than 700% over the last 10 years and that growth only seems to be on the upward mobility. Governments are responding to this trend by issuing licenses to operators, privatizing state owned telecommunications entities and demanding reduction of tariffs while increasing and encouraging competition.

The private sector however seems not to be very sensitive in their approach to the peculiar needs of the African people because while so many brands are out there offering mobile phones, tablets and more, the nagging concern remains cost of these products seen especially in supposed high end items such as computer tablets with the relatively affordable ones lacking much of value in terms of specifications, durability and product support.

The self branded king of compassionate capitalism, UK4Africa has swung into this market to not only bridge the gap and increase access for millions of Africans but also partake of the huge financial windfall the opportunity presents and their strategy is working.

UK4Africa’s Sleek 11.1.11 is fast selling. The computer tablets which comes in both 10.1inch and 7.0 inch have very advanced specifications and features for the price offered to retailers. Manufactured based on desire to upgrade every African consumer to high end, the Sleek models are truly sleek- many will say “beautiful”.

From the packaging(a thing that lacks even in most known brands), the look and feel of the product, the interface of the user areas and the accompanying accessories, Sleek 11.1.11 from UK4Africa is a product that truly gives the consumer a high sense of value for money. Also unlike most products that are sold in Africa today, the specifications available for the price are very advanced in RAM size-2GB for the 10.1 and 1GB for the 7.0, processor which are both Quad core, running on android 4.4.2 Kitkat and camera sizes at 5.0MP front/8.0MP Rear also for both. The Sleek 11.1.11 also internal storage of 16GB for the 10.1 and 8GB for the 7.0 both expandable to double, dual sim functions, built in WIFI module IEEE802.11b/g/n and 3G connectivity status while also being the first and still the only brand offering free keyboard casing for the 10.1 inch and free pouch for the 7.0.

There is simply no doubt why the Sleek models are the fastest selling computer tablets in Africa today because unlike virtually every brand in the market, UK4Africa has truly respected the consumer in the offer in quality and cost. This truly marks a new beginning in African mobile communications industry as consumers will enjoy the true benefits of free market economies as competition inspires greater offers to a market the big brands have long taken for granted. Thousands of retailers are jumping in to resell the Sleek models in their various local countries within Africa. The winner will most definitely be the African people!