For close to a week now, a silver Toyota station wagon of the registration number KCD 468S, bearing a damaged front bumper and left tire, has been dumped by a roadside in Pipeline, Kiserian after it probably got involved in an accident. Although no reports of an accident have been reported to the police, rumors have it that, the car could have been left there by thugs after a collision (since it’s airbags are out).

Reporting the incident on Facebook, a concerned citizen posted, ‘Anyone with an idea abt the owner of this vehicle pls get in touch with him/her…… It had an accident on Sunday night and somebody just towed it next to our gate it has been for 5 days m sure at the time of accident the person driving was not the owner that’s y its in hiding The vehicle also has a comprehensive cover…….’

Below are photos of the car.

Toyota wagon dumped in Kiserian 2
Toyota wagon dumped in Kiserian 1
Toyota wagon dumped 3