What had been a blessing to a young Kenyan lady named Mbula, who had left the country in search of greener pastures in India, has turned a curse after she accidentally fell off from a building consequently fracturing her skull.

Although she miraculously managed to survive the fall after being taken to hospital for first aid, she was to get the shocking news of her lifetime, when doctors told her that they had to preserve her skull’s broken bones inside her belly, so as to prevent them from drying up and rotting.

Even though relatives have managed to fly her back home, the lady is in need of a surgery to retrieve the bones preserved in her stomach. The whole operation is estimated to cost one million.

Those willing to be of help have been urged to wire their financial support through 0728-068-339, which is registered under the name Rose Nduva.

As we hope that the surgery succeeds, here are some of her before and after the unfortunate accident.

Mbula 2
Mbula 8
Mbula 3
Mbula 5
Mbula 6