timKenyans are still ‘Boycotting DSTV’ on Twitter using the hashtag #BoycottDstvKE.

It started on Wednesday when the Pay TV provider raised the prices of all it’s packages by 15%, with the English Football (Premium) package now going for Sh9,400 per month.

Speaking on the issue, Multichoice Africa CEO Tim Jacobs said that the weakening of African currencies is the main reason why the price review was necessary.

He said that the company held off raising prices hoping the Shilling would stabilize.

“The currency started depreciating way before we increased our prices,” Jacobs said, “We held off for sometime waiting to see if the currency would stabilize (but) there comes a point where currency devaluation can no longer be absorbed.”

He also said that some of its content have seen price increases, with the EPL rights for example seeing a 70% increase.

On the suggestion that they should introduce a sports only package, Jacobs said that it may not necessary amount to cheaper due to the cost of acquiring the content.