After leaving Tahidi High, Dennis Mugo, popularly known as OJ, thawed out of the media glare only to return with news of his marriage and later on, the birth of his firstborn son. Although he has been away of from the TV screens we were used to seeing him, OJ recently made headlines on blogs after photos of his drunkard life surfaced on social media.

Anyway, away from his love for the bottle, here are a few photos of him, his beautiful wife and the his handsome firstborn son. As we hope that his son’s grows to be a better actor that his father, check out the lovely family.

OJ's son 1
OJ's son 7
OJ's son 8
OJ's son 2
OJ's son 6
OJ's son 3
OJ's son 5
OJ's son 11
OJ's son 10
OJ's son 4
OJ's son 9