Quite often we look down upon people with less or that we perceive as not as privileged as we are be it in measurement of where they live, where they come from, social amenities around them, level of education, access to gadgets and other life luxury and so forth. Quite unfortunately, what we grossly fail to realize apart from the simple fact that we ourselves could have been in the same situations having not had any hand in choosing the families we were born into or the opportunities that we were blessed with is the all important fact that what happens to people in these communities more often than not end of affecting us in more ways than we can even begin to imagine. Ebola took the lives of doctors in America but this came from poor sanitation activities in a village in Liberia. Armed robbers, sexually transmitted diseases, terrorism, and various society menaces emanate from the living conditions of people in slums and ghettos and end up in the palaces of the most high end people. The smart thing therefore is to reach out to help these people because their problem will one day become ours no matter how far removed we may think we are.

Love in Kibera is an initiative of UK4Africa with the simple aim of beginning a movement of extending helping hands to people in Africa’s slums. We fed over 300 women and children in a single day event, gave away clothes, provided household items for families and adopted 11 families that we will enhance their income with 10,000 Kenyan shillings every month for the next 11 years. Payments have already been made to the families and we shall continue.

UK4Africa is not a charity and does not solicit funds from anyone either in the UK or anywhere to do these charitable acts. We are a for profit corporation but we use our profit to support these types of causes in the society in pursuit of our vision in social entrepreneurship which is to create a strong middle class in Africa. Our hope is that the public will learn to adopt such compassionate initiatives while also patronizing our brands such as our computer tablets and our other products. Join Us!

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