yegoIf Khaligraph Jones is not the fastest rising hip hop artist in the country at the moment, then I don’t know who is. The ‘Embesha’ rapper has been on an impressive run, dropping hit after hit and making sure we don’t have to wait long for the videos. His latest big hit, ‘Yego’ finally has a video out, two weeks after the audio took over the airwaves.

‘Yego’ is an upbeat jam, named after Javelin gold medalist Julius Yego. Following Yego’s recent sterling performance at the IAAF championships, Khaligraph paid homage with a jam that has been well received.

The video, done by Johnson Kyalo of Top Notch Films, does not live to the hype sadly. It looks a bit rushed and guys have taken notice. According to comments on YouTube, guys expected much more.

Do you agree?

Here are some of the comments:

Kay Kevo said;  Cool n ok video… some scenes r a bit rushed.
Jason Bourne; kunavenye video haipelekani nah audio
Dan Kemu; i loooove the song …Yegooooooo! is of international standards bt the vid is just ok (Local Quality) 🙁
Muganza Suleyman; Sorry on this one my niggah jones, i expected this be bigger, for me it lacked energy compared to the audio and most important it lucked clever directive
Herbert Nyaisu; Not yet there. Still a wanna be.
James Kimemia; I expected more from this video…audio iko on point but vida joo!!!