Cafe Deli
Halo coffee lovers. There is a new cafe in town that has the perfect ambiance, scenic serenity and is spacious enough to accommodate all your expectations of a classic restaurant. With reports that it’s management in partnership with sponsors have  put aside 315 million for opening of new branches in various locations in the country, Cafe Deli is without one among the few fashionable cafes in Kenya at the moment.

Having opened a new branch along Kenyatta avenue some few weeks ago, below are pictures of its well designed interior whose decor has been done to a tee. Check out the perfect hang out joint.

Cafe Deli 9
Cafe Deli 7
Cafe Deli 6
Cafe Deli 5
Cafe Deli 4
Cafe Deli 3
Cafe Deli 2
Cafe Deli 1