GodfreyA city pastor, Godfrey Migwi, claims that God is displeased with the images on the Kenyan currency.

Godfrey, Lead pastor at House of Hope Church is calling on politicians to push through a bill to change the face of the coins. He claimed that instead of having Mzee Kenyatta’s face, it should be changed to that of Mt.Kenya or wildlife.

“As long as the country is guided by the Constitution, we can’t argue much, but in my view our currency ought to have other features like our map, wildlife or even Mount Kenya just like other world currencies,” he told The Nairobian.

The pastor recently came out to claim that God had revealed to him that He was not happy with the colours and symbols on the flag.

“About a month ago, God showed me in a dream that He was not happy with the flag’s colours. Red, which symbolises the blood shed during the fight for independence, ought to have been interpreted to mean the blood of Jesus,” he said.

The Nairobian.