papa dennisAs if the bottomless pit of wealth accorded to him by Maliza Umaskini CEO Sadat Muhindi was not enough, fast rising gospel singer Papa Dennis has landed a new sponsorship deal from a Dubai-based tycoon. According to reports, the tycoon has promised a whopping Sh15.7 million for Papa Dennis’ next video project.

Word Is report that the deal was struck when the ‘Foundation‘ singer visited the United Arab Emirates in July, where he had been invited to perform in a birthday party for a prominent Sheikh’s daughter.

The video shoot for the song dubbed ‘Wonder’ started last week in the scenic Magadi and will proceed to Dubai from October 18.

Papa Dennis manger, Sadat Muhindi had this to say about the deal, “First of all, the sponsor, who happens to be a prominent Sheikh in the UAE, doesn’t want to give his name to the media. He is doing charity in order to grow talents. He wants absolutely no publicity. Papa performed at his daughter’s birthday party and he was really impressed and that’s when he promised to finance his next project. Papa’s dreams are becoming real.”