dj pierra
After years of acting in local programs, Pierra Makena has finally won a big award in Los Angeles in NAFCA the (Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards). The celebrated local entertainer who also sums up a deejay bagged the Best Supporting Actress  for playing Didi in a Ghanaian film dubbed When Love Comes Around that is themed around money, love and marriage.

Elated by by the huge success, Pierra Makena could not hide her excitement as she recorded this short video while making merry in the middle of a street outside Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Here is the kind of interesting local tunes she was playing in her Dallas tour a week before winning the award.

Representing KENYA to the fullest. ….. Fun times in Dallas……on to the NEXT ONE. …. A video posted by Dj pierra (@pierramac) on