Even after efforts by the County Government to ensure that there will be no more ‘buildings of death’ erected within the city, shocking news of storeys that are on the verge of collapsing are still being reported every now and then. With that said, a building in Komarock Arcade has shocked its tenants after it showed clear signs of an oncoming downfall.

The building has developed cracks on walls and its ceilings are leaking water that is causing the house to weaken everyday. A concerned citizen shared the news on social media after taking pictures and a video of the poorly constructed flat to warn tenants of the harm it might cause to them in case it comes down tumbling.

Komarock Arcade 1
Komarock Arcade 6
Komarock Arcade 5
Komarock Arcade 4
Komarock Arcade 3
Komarock Arcade 2

Here is the post Daviso Mwangi made about it.

This building is going down #komarockarcade in kayole near Naivas #nationalconstructionauthority #nca

Posted by Daviso Mwangi on Wednesday, September 23, 2015