super sportThe English Premier League started this weekend, but it was a huge disappointment for DSTV clients who had hoped to catch up with their favourite clubs on the Compact Plus package.

Live EPL matches have traditionally been aired on Super Sport 3, exclusively available on Premium and Compact Plus packages. Basically, this was the channel where you’d find Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and all big games.

That all changed this Saturday, when all major action was moved to Super Sport 5.

Problem is, Super Sport 5 is only available on the Premium package. As of this writing, the Premium package will set you back Sh8200 per month, while the Compact Plus package is going for Sh5550.

DSTV is however promising 6 live matches every weekend for Compact Plus subscribers, but we’re meant to understand that will be a maximum of 2 EPL matches, the likes of ‘Hull City vs Leicester’, and then 4 matches from other leagues.

Kenyans have long felt that Multichoice has been ripping them off, and this latest move will only add salt. It is basically much cheaper to get a fast fibre connection to your house and stream the matches live.

We went through reactions on Twitter, and below we have some of them.