Two ‘retired’ ambulances from Southeast Michigan have been donated to Nandi County, ‘to live out the second half of their lives.’

Huron Valley Ambulance donated one ambulance and its sister company, Monroe Community Ambulance, donated the other. Also donated were three portable ventilators, backboards, cervical collars, stretchers and other medical supplies.

I’m not sure how to receive this news, since the Americans were just looking for a dumping ground. US website, writes,

“Two retired ambulances from Southeast Michigan have made their way to Kenya.

Through a partnership with Relief for Africa (RFA), the two ambulances will live out the second half of their lives providing medical transportation in Nandi County, 250 miles southwest of Nairobi, Kenya.”

It’s therefore quite clear that they are done with ‘active duty’, and may end guzzling lots of cash through constant breakdowns. While such ‘donations’ are mostly welcome, I think this one was simply a case of dumping spoilt goods.

Anyway, lets hope they will be of service to the people of Nandi and that they’ll not eventually be used to transport construction material like Machakos’.