dropIt has been a long time using well established social engines like Facebook, Twitter,etc. These are international social sites. While some countries like China, Japan and several others use these social sites, they still maintain their own local social websites which are used in the country alone.
Some top developers in Kenya have gone an extra mile to create a Kenyan based social site by the name DROPANDLIKE.COM. The main idea is to have users or followers drop (upload) a post, photo, video, location, etc ; like it first and have followers like the post too.
The most amazing thing is that this Kenyan based social engine has better audio and video posting features than even Facebook and Twitter with the media getting shared directly from soundcloud.com where users can listen to them from the website like they would in whatsapp as they continue with other activities.
DROPANDLIKE.COM is expecting to register upto 500,000 Kenyans in its first month of operation. The interface looks close to the common social media sites but I would say, much friendly.
“We decided to use an interface that looks similar to Facebook or Twitter so that users can navigate without having to look around for things ” – CEO, DropandLike
One may wonder, who was hired to do dropandlike.com?
“Well, dropandlike.com was developed by Oneplace Technologies LTD; still located in Kenya” – Co-Founder, DropandLike
Join dropandlike.com and experience a touch of Kenya Social.