machI do not like to be a buzz killer, but when county governments focus a lot on spending or planning to spend, there will be a problem balancing the books. As one politician say, we put so much emphasis on sharing the national cake and not how to make it.

Alfred Mutua bought 70 ambulances, tens of police cars, cctv equipment etc. That’s some good progress right there, but the problem with fast growth is whether there’s enough money to support it. For instance, by doing so, the Machakos county government had to fuel all these cars, had to maintain cameras, parks, the stadium etc. Since there was no matching increase in revenue, we started hearing stories of stalled ambulances or just a handful being used etc.

This picture that has been doing rounds on social media shows a Machakos ambulance transporting tents to an event.


Perhaps it would have been economical to buy 10 or 20 real ambulances with proper equipment. These would have been obviously cheaper to run.