The sixth season of SlimPossible kicked off three weeks ago with new contestants thronging in the competition all with a goal of losing lots of weight, gaining healthier bodies as they contest to see who walks away with the win.

To make the competition more interesting and entertaining, Lilian Muli brought Chiki Onwuke, a fitness instructor and dance choreographer to train the competitors throughout the program.

Am sure you have been seeing the beautiful, hot and sexy Chiki leading the contestants in a dance. Well, below are several photos of the beauty that has made many men start tuning in to Citizen TV on Friday night.

Chiki Onwukwe 1
Chiki Onwukwe 2

Chiki Onwukwe 3

Chiki Onwukwe 4

Chiki Onwukwe 5

Chiki Onwukwe 6

Chiki Onwukwe 7

Chiki Onwukwe 8

Chiki Onwukwe 9