Timothy and Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua’s twin brother, Timothy, seems to be slowly following in the footsteps of her famous sister.  Although he is not joining a similar role, the twin brother will be appearing in all local TV stations as he is part of a TV commercial by Access Kenya Internet Solutions.

Happy to have his image in the advert, an elated Timothy took to his instagram to post, ‘Look ma I’m on TV! Had the honour of being a part of the #accesskenya Internet Solutions TVC on NTV Business News. Special thanks to the Sankofa Brothers production house, DDB Ad Agency and Access Kenya and @emilykinuthia for the opportunity’.

Janet reposted the video clip to the ad with the caption, ‘Whoop! My twin is totally cool in this ad! Waziiii @thementivist!!!’ Below is the clip of the commercial, check it out

Whoop! My twin is totally cool in this ad! Waziiii @thementivist!!!

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