This week, a US jury ordered a grocery chain to pay Basketball legend Michael Jordan $8.9 million. His lawyers were asking for $10 million, but that was close enough.

A few years ago, the chain used his name in selling one of their products. Actually it was a congratulatory advert on a 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated.  It congratulated Jordan on his Hall of Fame induction and included a $2-off coupon above a photo of a sizzling steak.

Jurors deliberated for six hours before returning with the $8.9 million figure, at one point sending a note to the judge that said, “We need a calculator.”



Now yesterday, gold medalist Julius Yego realized EABL had pulled a similar stunt, and took to Facebook to blast them for using his image without rights.

On his private account, Yego posed a picture of the advert and stated, “This is wrong! Am not doing branding on this!”


The similarities between the Michael Jordan and Yego’s cases are striking, but it remains to be seen whether the the athlete will take any further action.