joseSafaricom has recently launched a new promotion where subscribers get bonus airtime for talking longer. They’ve dubbed it ‘Story Ibambe’.

For their TV commercial, the mobile giant has tapped the services of Kasarani resident Joseph Mburu better known as ‘Jose the Witnesser’. He shot to fame in 2013 after narrating to TV reporters how police had gunned down thugs. He enjoyed several weeks of fame, including interviews on numerous radio stations and Churchill Show, but since he did not have more to offer, his fame died a natural death. Much like DJ Nakumatt.

Anyway, Safaricom has returned him to our screens with another perfect narration. They even made sure he wore the same shirt. I like this guy’s confidence. He even got himself a gold tooth.

I’d like to see more of this ads. Of course my all time favourite remains the old grandma’s somersault many years ago. Link us up if you have the video.

I think it’s only appropriate we post the original narration.

UPDATE: Reportedly, Safaricom has also signed up ‘Serikali Saidia’ lady. More details as soon as the video is up.