tigerPhilanthropic singer Jaguar, was at it once again over the weekend showing his charitable side, this time to a Kenyan legend Conrad Njeru Karukenya, also known as Tiger Power.

Conrad Njeru is famed for his extraordinary strength and has performed across borders. In 2008, he received a Head of State Commendation for his 48 years of dedicated weightlifting.

The 69 year old strongman is now admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital where he is reportedly suffering from an unknown illness.

“It started with my body swelling. When I came to the hospital, doctors told me that my heart had also swollen,” said Tiger Power of his illness.

Doctors believe that Tiger Power may be suffering from a heart condition as well as other complications.

On Sunday, ‘Barua Kwa Rais’ hitmaker Jaguar, paid him a courtesy visit amidst reports that Tiger Power was unable to foot a bill of KSh 7,000.

Here is the photo


Some of Conrad’s greatest feats include carrying 8 men and lifting a crate of beer with his bare teeth. In 2012 Conrad came in second at the Super Human competition in UK.

We wish him a quick recovery.