It’s been a week now and Mollis is still the hot gossip in town and all over social media after an audio clip of his sexual escapades found its way out of the bedroom and into the public. With everyone being entitled to an opinion, Kenyans have since the audio-leakage been reacting to the saga in all manner of crazy comments.

One very creative Kenyan has however come up with a hilariously drafted conversation between the bedroom bully and Fb radio presenter. Below is the interesting ‘interview’ Mollis got after his bedroom heroism.

Live on Fb Radio. Mollis is here no only to shade some light about the clip, but also to speak to men, especially wale wa dakika moja moja.. Wale huambiwa “Ukimaliza nifunike!”. You dont have 
to miss this. Our introduction song is the “Nimesalenda Remix”
FB Radio: Karibu sana Mollis. Welcome to FB radio.

Mollis: (puts down a mugombero stick and wipes his mouth.!” I salenda! Thank you bratha.
FB Radio: Who is Mollis?
Mollis: Mollis is a doctor, a legend and young. Si kijitu kikubwa as you guys put it, You know the shorter the onkey….the longer the….. But am Morris. Jina moja ka Nyege.
FB Radio: Tell us About the Clip. Tuanzie hapo! Ilikuwaje mzito.
Mollis: (laughing) Ok. It just happened the way it is in that audio clip. Story na kushoka, Kusalenda and kelele za bed. You know

FB Radio: Who recorded that audio?

Mollis: I did. I recorded the audio myself but it is not me who made it go viral. I guess it is one of the ‘friends’ I shared the clip with. I found it funny and decided to share it with close friends, so it went viral. You know. But about recording, I did it. Nili multitask…

FB Radio: Is the girl in the clip your girlfriend?
Mollis: Actually No. Ni wale tu wenye hawatosheki na maboy wao. So she used to say sijua ooh, all men can’t satisfy you. Sijui what and what. She is a friend. So in the clip, I just wanted to prove to her that not all men are the dakika moja guys as you put it. She needed it and I did my best. But hata hapo sikutumia nguvu yote. I think I used say only 8% of my energy. I don’t know if iIwould have used kitu 20%, Kungeendaje!
FB Radio: You said 8%!
Mollis: Yah. Or less.
** Ladies and gentlemen. Mollis has just confessed that he used only 8% of his energy. Let us just do some simple mathematics before we continue. If 8%= (Nimeshoka+Nimesalenda) What about 20%? Some cross multiplication. Answers in the comment box. Let us continue)**** What 8% of Mollis’ Energy can do.
FB Radio: In the Clip there are words that you were saying. Especially that part of praising her stuff. Tell us something about it.
Mollis: Even the swahili Saying says, Mgala muue na haki umpe. I gave credit where it deserved. And she appreciated. She said “Thanks”. In fact she was like a virgin to me. That is why whenever she resisted, I got mad. In the clip you could hear me say, “Aaaah Waacha Ujinga”. Because to me that was stupid. Unaezavuliaje maji nguo na ukose kuyakoga?” Other guys have mistaken the clip by saying that I was moaning. Hell No!
FB Radio: There has been claims that it was sexual assault. Something like Rape! Shade some light.
Mollis: It wasn’t rape. She was the one who asked me to do that to her plus if you carefully listen to the audio she said thanks. Does a rape victim say “thanks”?
FB Radio: Was she drunk?
Mollis: I don’t know. Mimi sikuwa nimeenda kufanya kazi ya Alcoblow. She had looked for me for only one reason. And I did it. Perfectly.
FB Radio: Do you see yourself as a legend.
Mollis: No. But people are making me feel like like one. Because kila mtu anajiita mollis which is good. But it will depend on how you take it. Everywhere, guys are calling themselves Mollis. Even in whats app groups, lazima kuna mtu amejiita Mollis.
FB Radio: Look at these images, which one would you like to be associated with?
Mollis: I like the second one. Hiyo ya paka. It is very rare to see cats doing the lungula thing. You only hear sounds and wish you were there. It is the same thing with my clip. Sauti tu. No video.
FB Radio: We are about to finish part one of the interview. The next part will… include questions from readers. Tell us, can you go public?
Mollis: I will think about that. I have not decided. I am afraid of this
FB Radio: Before you go. An advice to young men and women out there. What can you tell them?
Mollis: Kwanza, ile kitu inahapen bedroom, let it remain there. And if you record, be it audio or video, or pics, dont share. Keep it for yourselves. Nashangaa ka huyo dem angeniita majina yangu yote, ingekuwaje. By the way I have kept guys called Morris in a big mess, wengi wanashukiwa na madem wao na hata wameachwa. But at the same time, nimewajengea jina pia. Secondly, for ladies, please do not ask for what you can’t handle. Ukiiitisha usishoke wala kusallenda. Lastly, Mollis hajasalenda. I am coming for you.. For your girl.. and your wife!
FB Radio: Wait?! What have you just said? That you are coming for who? Na nimeoa tu jana!