Pulse: How would you describe Njugush in two words? Shaniqwa: Please let it be three; thin, thinner, thinnest!

P: Imagine Njugush in contest, what would it be? S: An eating competition. He would get a certificate of participation.

P: If you got into a physical tiff, how would you go about it? S: Why would I even waste my energy, all I need to use is blow dry and off he goes.

P: Imagine him in dreadlocks? S: He would be a walking broom.

P: What if he were a tout? S: He would be known as ‘Konda mtrue’ or ‘mkonda’ with a tired Nissan plying the Industrial area route.

P: If you were to compose a song for him how would it sound? S: It would be titled Roberto, the Amarula remix, It would go this way; My name Njuguna kanyasi, so thin and slim like kanyasi, they call me nicknames kanyasi, fire fire naogopa kama kanyasi!

P: He is doing well in his show, how would he fare as a stand-up comedian in your view? S: He would be Kanono Nation of Mla chake show.

P: Can he dance to a Lingala beat? S: They would be like. “Lingala is losing it”, the dancers should be beefed up for effect

P: If you were in his shoes what would you change? S: His inner soles. I would make them like a big sponge niwache kufinywa na mfupa.

P: How would he look if he was wearing a biker? S: The crowd would go like “OMG, they manufactured a longer selfie stick”.

P: One last diss for him? S: Njugush ni mkonda hadi akimeza mate anakojoa (He is so thin that if he swallows saliva, he would be forced to visit the gents).


Pulse: Describe Shaniqwa? Njugush: Shaniqwa is what’s wrong with this country… let’s look no farther.

P: Imagine her in a beauty contest? N: She would end up at home because the sponsors would automatically pull off the gig… thanks to her, or is it him?

P: If you had a wife like Shaniqwa how would you handle her? N: Simple! Send her back to her parents back in machinani.

P: How is she faring as a socialite? N: She should be known as Waitherero – specialising in pick-pocketing male and female celebs.

P: If it were not for acting what would she be? N: A water vendor or one of those hawkers.

P: If you were to compose a song for her how would it go? N: It would be titled Tulikukosea Nini Mungu ukatupa Shaniqwa?

P: Can he hack it as a stand-up comedian? N: Shanitho would be her name – not smart enough, she would be based at a bar, lodging and boarding, spa and butchery.

P: Imagine her twerking in a reggae club? N: The show would come to an abrupt end owing to unavoidable circumstances. She would probably resemble one of those funny looking wannabe cover girls.

P: If you were in her shoes, what would you change? N: The legs… those hairy legs!

P: Imagine her in a mini skirt? N: I can’t. I refuse to can.

P: What of her as a Nigerian actress? N: She would never appear on screen – no.

P: One final diss… N: Shaniqwa is so hairy, her whole body is a private part.

Source: Pulse