The-KansoulGetMzikiHitmakers The Kansoul, comprising of Mejja, Kidkora and Madtraxx have changed the face of genge music in the country in their short stint as a musical group. The lads have introduced a new and unique feel to music that has been well received more than it has been bashed.

With hits such as ‘Dabotap’ and ‘Drum,’ the trio portray an image of bad boys running around town and breaking girls’ hearts. That however is contrary to their true nature as it has emerged that they are hopeless romantics.

During the recently held Mama Awards After Party, the lads showed up with their flames and they did not shy away from public displays of affection. Mejja was reportedly spotted in the VIP section exchanging kisses with his girlfriend. Madtraxx was spotted having a deep conversation with a lady friend.

While Kidkora was caught on camera in deep and prolonged smooches with his wife.

Here is that photo