Henry Waswa, Nairobi’s Newest millionaire, continues to amaze and leave many in awe…The flashy man,who is ONLY 28 and already started causing waves across the political and social scene,has now flaunted his beautiful wife and kid…One of whom has been accepted in Italy for some Intermilan football program.

Waswa,the proprietor of major Entertainment clubs  across the Country and also a known philanthropist and political newcomer,was photographed last weekend taking his beautiful family out to Zanzibar for a weekdn of fun and pleasure.

Waswa was accompanied by his gorgeous wife and also kids as they boarded the plane to leave the Country and enjoy the fruits of their hard labor.

Henry Waswa,from tonight, is also going to be a very instrumental figure at the Deepwest Restaurant where he not only revamped it but also organized a huge Luhya Night Festival bringing all Luhyas together for two full days of much entertainment,bonding,traditional luhya food and music and dance.

Waswa says that he will use the Night to bring Luhyas together and also to pass a message of togetherness and unity amongst not just the Luhya community but across the nation as well.

Henry,who also has been distributing helmets and jackets  to boda boda riders across Luhyaland,says that he needs to ensure that his community is safe first…And then spread the message of safety cross the Nation.

Also,last weekend, before flying out,Waswa was seen hanging out with major Luhya politicians with whom,it is alleged,he is planning  to form a major political party with or alliance with which he will use to get into Parliament.

Check out photos of Waswa’s beautiful wife and kids…Perfect family. Perfect couple huh?