It’s August. What’s there to do than to fly out to some exotic location to ‘kula Mali yako’?? Well, flying out is NOT for everyone. Especially to Dubai. It’s for a select few. And Henry Waswa is one of them.

Popular millionaire and rising politician Henry Waswa was pictured at the JKIA enroute to Dubai for what he told reporters was a weekend of fun sun and sand. And sure, Dubai DOES offer exactly that. And more… If your pockets allow.

Waswa, beloved across Western Kenya for his philanthropic efforts and for his grassroots support of boda boda riders,who make up the bulk of Luhyaland transport, was accompanied by his lovely wife and kids on his trip to the Land Of The Affluent.

Most Kenyans,especially Kenyan socialites, are known for their love of the Arab land and are often pictured in Dubai enjoying what the luxurious city has to offer. And Waswa,buoyed by the endless tales of fun and excitement that Dubai is fabled to offer,decided to try out this beautiful fun haven too. And sure,he will not be regretting.

Waswa flew out last Saturday with his lovely family and it’s not yet cleat when he is going to be back.

But before flying out, Henry also known as Hendrix Waswa, had met some tens of youths from his hometown who had called in him at his palatial home to discuss youth development issues affecting the youths of his area.

The meeting, which lasted some roughly two hours, focused on a myriad of issues and Waswa promised the excited youths that he would tackle their plight soon as he had flown back.

Well… As we await Henry’s flight back into the Country let’s check out some of his airport photos. And they’re sweet….