trump1Smart people read the Star, but who the f*ck writes that thing.

Yesterday, the paper carried a story that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump plans to deport Kenyans if he’s elected President of the United States. The titled the story, “Donald Trump will deport all Kenyans living in the US if elected President.”

The story was originally carried by satirical website They don’t make it a secret that their stories are not pure facts, and in most of their stories, this one included, they offer a ‘Show Facts’ button. Upon clicking the button, it highlights for you the parts of the story that are true.

The lazy guys at the Star obviously missed this one, and have also not heard of Google which comes in handy when counter-checking facts. Or maybe they just overlooked everything because “Donald Trump Has Not Explicitly Said He’ll Deport Kenyans” cannot sell papers.

Screengrab from The Star

What exactly did the article say.

Apparently, Trump will deport Kenyan and Mexican immigrants, and make the two countries meet the cost. The Mexicans would be the ‘trial run’, and then others would follow.

An excerpt from the website.

“For example, I’ve had my eye on Kenyans for a while now,” the billionaire stated. “The whole thing started back in the 17th century, which makes me believe that there’s more to that challenge than meets the eye. ‘Kenyan Americans,’ as they call themselves, have been here for a while now, and there are bound to be some difficulties with the whole deportation process. But, I wouldn’t be who I am if didn’t love a good challenge,” Trump told Newslo.

Just like with Mexico, the media magnate also said he will make Kenya pay for the costs of deportation: “It’s really no different than Mexico, just like no other deportation will deviate significantly from this model, which I would like to call ‘Trump’s final solution.’ I promise Americans that I will make the Kenyan government pay for the deportation of every descendant of every Kenyan who today resides in the United States, regardless of how they came to be here.”

There will be no exceptions, which means our big guy over there will be first to come.

When asked whether his previous statement about the deportation of the descendants of Kenyans would include President of the United States Barack Obama, whose father is Kenyan, Trump replied: “Naturally. There will be no exceptions. Especially so, since the situation in which America is today is largely his fault. When he’s deported, the long road to recovery will finally be able open for us.”

It’s still beyond me how The Star bought that piece of garbage, but it saddens me when I look through Facebook and find people actually believing it.