Dj Creme’s firstborn son is by far one of the most privileged kids of the local celebrities. At two years of age, Jamari boasts of a good life, a well up-bringing and more so a huge social media fan-base that many people are still struggling to have. Even before he joins school, the smart kid already owns a smartphone, a tablet as well as an ipad to toy around with.

Yesterday Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast program hosted him and few other kids for a talk show about raising the next generation of kids on social media. Being his first interview, Jamari had no much to say  as he was busy familiarizing with the new environment as well as anyone he came along.

Below are some photos of Jamari during the show.

Jamari Creme, Citizen TV 1
Jamari Creme, Citizen TV 2
Jamari Creme, Citizen TV 3
Jamari Creme, Citizen TV 4