celinaCatherine Kamau, a revered Kenyan actress that has transcended the acting industry with ease and sass has for the first time opened up about getting married.

In a recent interview with Daily Nation, the actress popular for the role of Celina in seasoned show Mother-in-law, also revealed why she left the show after 8 years.

Q. Why did you leave Mother In Law?

It was time. I was there for eight years and I needed something more challenging in my career.

Q. But you were one of the star attractions in the show

You leave when you’re still on top, not after people get bored, you exit when you’re still hot.

Her relationship with fellow actor and a former cast of high school drama Tahidi High, Phil Karanja was one of the talking points.

She described their relationship as the “Nameless and Wahu” of the acting industry. On whether they would be taking it to the next level, Catherine said,

“Yes, but there’s a lot of pressure from people. If it’s a wedding people will know about it weeks after it has happened. Some things in life are just supposed to be about you, right now I’m thinking even 100 people will do, somewhere very far then we’ll share the photos weeks later.”

Q. You don’t hide your relationship with Phil Karanja

We tried to but with time everyone knew. I think we are the perfect example that you can be in the spotlight and still be together, I mean look at Nameless and Wahu, I think we are the “Nameless and Wahu” of the acting industry.

It’s just another aspect of my life that I can share with my fans, but he’s very shy. He’s part of my life and unfortunately my life is an open book. He’s used to it though. Sometimes I will post something and he’ll call to ask if he has to comment, but I tell him he doesn’t have to.

Courtesy: Daily Nation.