githeri2Cut Video brought together a few American kids and made them try different school lunches from around the world.

They were then asked what they thought of the food, and as you can imagine, their reactions were hilarious.

On the menu was the following.

India – Sambar, sweet kesari, rice, chaas
Sweden – swedish pancakes, hardtack w/ cheese, lingonberry juice, carrot salad
Japan – curry udon, burdock salad, potato croquette, strawberry milk
Cuba – yellow pea soup, taro root, fried plantain, chicken croquette, rice
France – ratatouille, grilled salmon, rice, brie, baguette, fruit yogurt
Kenya – githeri
Afghanistan – high energy biscuit


You’d be surprised that they did not totally hate our Githeri.

But one was not exactly enthusiastic.


Watch the whole video to find out what they thought of the various foods, or you can skip to minute 3:45 to see them eat Githeri.