Typical of Kenyans on social media, they will always find a negative aspect to everything. Top pop band Sauti Sol did Kenya proud recently when they got President Obama to bust a move during a state dinner.

Following the amazing performance that caught the eye of international media, the lads posed for photos with the heads of state. One of the photos shows the band’s towering member, Bien Aime draping his hands over Obama and Uhuru’s shoulders.

That caught the attention of one social media who termed the move as disrespectful, boorish and insolent. The post went viral yesterday attracting traction from sections of social media.

This was the post

bien aime

Here is the full photo


There is some truth in the post as Obama clearly looks uncomfortable. It also belittles POTUS and one thing we know about the American government is that they take seriously the image of the leader of the free world.

As for Uhuru Kenyatta, he couldn’t care less, we know him as an easy going, laid back kind of president.

Here are some more reactions,

@fatmashiroh:  Obama looking visibly uncomfortable. You dont just hold mr. President like a bro like that

@alexanderlucas03: There is some class you have to uphold. Even though you think the Potus was ok with the hug, (clearly he was very uncomfortable with it…his facial expression says it all) you do not just do that like you were classmates or something. Have some respect and keep your excitement to yourself.

Not everyone was reading from that script. Comedian and radio presenter Obinna had this to say in a lenghthy post,

It’s about time I spoke about this. First of all @sautisol salute!! Good job!! Waaaamporrrro (Obama voice) Secondly the performance was perfect you danced with presidents. Now let’s talk. There is something called INFERIORITY COMPLEX that highly affects Kenyans as a whole!! Whenever something good happens they are on the Frontline to stop it or talk trash about it or ignore it. Sautisol killed the show and made presidents dance then some human beings have the Audacity to Still find faults of a pose Bien took. Lemme school you. As a performer there comes a time when you are caught in the moment and things happen by reflex,Bien didn’t plan to pose for that pic at that moment but it happened and he flew with the moment,which is a good thing – it motivated others from fans to non fans that with God all things are possible even dancing with presidents. I don’t see how or why someone would get offended by that gesture. If you have negative inferior mentality kindly keep your uncouth behavior to yourself not talking rubbish just coz it wasn’t you feeling the moment. Nonsense!! If Bein knelt down Guys would be saying …Ooh sautisol has Slave mentality and were asking for handouts,If he didn’t pose for any pic -Ooh sautisol could even use the moment. Like Wtf?? Most people don’t support Kenyan Artists. You don’t even motivate them. What dyu really Want? You don’t buy music,you don’t request,you don’t download,you don’t vote just writing negative stuff. Get a life Dammit. If your life is miserable kill yourself don’t go around trynna make other people feel bad about being Great. Same applies to fans..Example I have 70k followers on IG but unless I post a pic of a Woman I get 600likes per post meaning – most guys who follow you on Social media just follow to keep tabs they really don’t support you. They wait to be in the first to spread negative vibe. Media from Bloggers to Mainstream media- yes Negative vibe sells fast but which type of society are we building for our kids? My kids,your kids? That bleaching and socialites is the new business? That’s how you get exposure? Pissed

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