What exactly is happening to the world and especially our girls? Get yourself a big behind, takes lots of instagram photos and then sit and wait for a man to take you gallivanting in the pacific. That has been the philosophy being ingrained in our young girls nowadays.

Big question is however, is it the way to go? I think not and it would be unfortunate considering all the efforts have been put in place to promote women issues. Just in case you missed it, women empowerment and the issue of gender inequality has been a long nagging concern of the world and the United Nations through both the millennium development goals (MDG’S) which has resulted to so many innovative solutions and ideas from charities and cooperate bodies. Somehow all of them seemed to have missed the point, INCOME!
Access to income or lack of it there of is the reason why most of our girls are turning into “thots” because let’s face it, money is almost everything.
And UK4AFRICA knows this having come up with an innovative imitative dubbed Women Income Support Program (WISP). This is an initiative designed to provide a risk free opportunity for women in Africa to earn extra income from dividend without the investment of any capital but through one time sheer hard work and dedication of few days time towards sales of 11 units of telecommunication branded tablets.
Now this is where the twist comes in. Instead of being rewarded with cash once the business is carried out, the women are likened to share certificates which provide up to Ksh 10,000 every month for 11 years to recipient. And that’s not even the best part; this certificate is transferable upon demise to the next of kin without any loss of value.
Recipients can also request from the total pool of projected when in need but the certificate cannot be sold or traded as securities.
This idea is borrowed from some of the biggest entrepreneurs to have ever rocked this earth like Warren Buffet who have made their money through dividends.
Jobs are good but majority of the male dominated global earners are making their money from dividends paid by companies doing well. This is one area of empowerment that is critical for the next level of growth and stage in the upwards mobility of the African women income without labor.
As we speak now WISP is offering only limited number of those certificates and the maximum that can be gotten by only one person is 4. The date of the beginning of payment is 6 months from the end date of participation which is projected to be December 2015.
Enroll now and join this crop of Kenyan women who have taken the bold step to a brighter future…..

When Uk4Africa came in most people thought it was a scam, but today the truth has been laid bare for all to see. Those women who believed are smiling all the way to the bank. Truly it has been a promise kept. Here are photos of the women receiving their tablet and the WISP Certificate.