In recent weeks, all eyes have been on Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, who transitioned from being a man to a woman. The Kardashian dad has inspired a Kenyan by the name Jackson ‘Jaffar’ Irungu to take a similar route.

In a series of photos he posted on social media last week, Jackson declared that he has been living in the wrong body for as long as he can remember and finally decided to ‘open up to the world’.

“Feeling like I have been living in the wrong body for as long as I can remember. Finally decided to open up to the word! ‪#‎Transitioning‬ #” He posted on Facebook.

Followed by these photos.








Jackson is a fashionista and has interacted with quite a few celebrities. He is also a former M-Net Idols contestant.



As well as had his moment in the limelight.


But he really had not declared himself she.

And when he did, his/her friends on Facebook were surprisingly mostly supportive.

Lynda Nyangweso – Be true to you. It will be tough here.but it shouldn’t be and I’m sorry for the hurt that will come with it.but I’m proud of you.and I’m here for you.

Ciru Muriuki – Be happy my love. That’s all I want for you.

Ann Mbaru – Jaffar Jackson honey, don’t let anyone bring you down. I love you honey same people judging you are the same people who have issues in their lives. Ain’t nobody got time for criticism. Quoting the Bible and God as if they don’t have skeletons in their closets.

Els Rijke – You can be proud of yourself!!! Good luck

Steven Hamilton-Healey – You have one life on this planet. Live it your way

Slybanks Banks  Hei Gf.proud of you

Bundu Bandit – Something so beautiful when one finally starts living their own life, their own truth. Live it! Be You!

Mariah Sudi – Tell your own story like you know it, don’t let anyone tell it for you.. Very proud of you

Lorna Waweru – Am proud of you am just scared for the hurt of backlash you will recieve especially you know Kenya haijafika hapo…I heard there will be a demonstration when Obama comes because of the gay rights thing…but ur brave…it’s good to be true to yourself…all the best

Elle Rabongo – Clap!clap!very proud

Fridah Sundae – live your truth sweetie. and be strong abd beautiful

Claudia Tindah – Always do what makes u happy and not others. U always lovely

Eve Lush – Go for it love…haters will definitely be there but do what you feel good for you and I support you love..your too gorgeous you wink emoticon

Vincent Mwai – This World is Finally Ending!

Sasha Seraphine Mbote – I’m scared for your life coz in Nairobi people don’t let others be….I know you since we was kids i remember you wearing my clothes my lip stick so i believe being gay is in born and only God should judge i love you so much

Emily N Bruno Sorensen – Over the years i have seen you…i have always seen a lady walking in a man’s body.this hasnt come to me as a happy n live your life.proud of ya!

Sironka Godsprincess Milanoi – WOW smile emoticon be who you are,haters can go to hell,at the end of the day,its your life and happiness,dnt be miserable at the expence of others,be happy,life is short….

Wendy Bedfrid – I’m not here to judge you. I remember that we met on set during Thitu’s Healing Ambassador shoot. You are a great person Jaffar and I only pray that you find your identity in Christ. It is only through Him that we realize that God is perfect and He created us in His own image for His glory. With that understanding, we get to appreciate the finished work on the Cross and embrace who we are. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, a treasure in an earthen vessel. God loves you.

Fiona O’Connor – It’s about time love. Live your authentic life. I’m proud of you doll. Xoxo

Yvonne Wanjiru – Coming from the same hood, known you for a while now. Happy that you’ve decided to scoop your chunk of happiness the best way you know how…. Be strong for people will be harsh and mean. All the best

Rita Wangari – I remember you Jack from back in primo, doing mjadalas and debates and i always suspected something about you, from the way you talked, walked and behaved always left me with question marks. Now i understand better.

Baba Shiku Kamanda – If it’s acting yes bt if it’s your real life then I’m sorry turn to Jesus . Hapo ni Jesus who can bring you back to the right truck

Anne Peter – I dnt know you, neitherdo i want to judge you.just want to remind you that ,when God created you, He never got confused to create you in a different shade.He got it right.n God is not an author of confusion.when our fertilization occured while God was creating us, we never choose our genders. Please read PSALMS 139.take note on verse 13-“you created my inmost being,you knit me together in my mothers womb” and before vs 13, it shows there is nowhere we can go and hide from God. Run to Him He is your true identity.

Lyllaqe Bugatti Veyron – i think if God is going to judge or punish jackson its his life his wrath his business…everybody has their own life!!!he aint doing this in urs so what is the problem with critics n btw those saying God’s word says u should remember theres no greater sin than the other n if u aint a fuckin saint take ur holier than thou attitude to ur own soul!!!!keep calm n let miss jay do his shit!!!

Here’s a picture of Jackson before he made the switch official.