Some Kenyans think that the US is ‘overdoing’ the security during Obama’s visit, but we can now reveals that it happens even in America.

Security of the US President is never compromised whatever country he’s in, and is especially tight in his home country, considering all the assassinations and assassination attempts have been carried out on their own soil.

More than 20 attempts to kill, sitting, former or presidents-elect have been made in the US history, with 4 successful ones: Abraham Lincoln in 1865, James Garfield in 1881, William McKinley in 1901 and J F. Kennedy in 1963.

After Kennedy, the Secret Service was strengthened and today it is nearly impossible to penetrate the security ring that surrounds a US President.

His car alone can take him in and out of a battleground.

Yesterday, part of his motorcade including the official car ‘The Beast’ and its decoy brought Westlands to a Standstill. For whatever reason, the Secret Service decided that Shell Petrol station opposite Sankara has the best fuel in town.




Everyone and their mother stopped what they were doing and lined up the streets to take photos of this magnificent car. People were excited, but probably not more than the fuel attendant who served ‘The Beast’. He told a TV reporter that it was an unforgettable moment and that he could not believe it. He revealed each car paid with its own American Express card whose name was ‘US Government’.

You may think that the excitement of seeing Presidential motorcades is unique to Kenya, but it’s not. Americans are notorious for lining up city streets for hours as they wait to catch a glimpse of that ‘Beast’.



Here are a few clips.

In San Francisco

In Manhattan

Even Michelle Obama has a motorcade.

I hope Kenyans will be a bit civil, because as you can see from this next picture taken during Obama’s visit to Burma, the situation can turn messy real quick.


Here’s a video taken on Waiyaki Way yesterday.