mutuaWith nearly 300,000 views, a throwback post of what Alfred Mutua said about the then Senator Barack Obama in 2006 become our most read story this year.

Mutua was the Government’s Spokesman then, but his choice of words when dismissing Obama’s talk on corruption came to haunt him this weekend. He had suggested that Obama was unintelligent and immature.

“It is now clear that he was speaking out of ignorance and does not understand Kenyan politics. We earlier thought he was mature in his assessment of Kenyan and African politics… But we forgive him because it is his first time in the senate and he is yet to mature into understanding issues of foreign policy,” he said.

“It is very clear that the senator has been used as a puppet to perpetuate opposition politics, which is very shocking because he is supposed to be an intelligent man.”

It seems word reached him that he was trending, and soon pictures of him close to Obama started streaming in.

First it was at the State House banquet, which was not surprising because he’s a close buddy of the President and an important person in the country, but then eyebrows were raised when he appeared at the airport to bid the US leader farewell.

Uhuru overlooked several Cabinet Secretaries and more senior government officials to have Mutua by his side, which perhaps was meant to send a message to Kenyans that all that was behind us now.

Mutua actually made sure to engage Obama for a curious few seconds; more time than the other leaders expect Uhuru.

Was this his humble pie moment? This is what Kenyans on Twitter thought.