waiguru-supermanDevolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru yesterday held her first media interview since things at NYS started heating up.

Easily one of the top two interviewers on Kenyan TV, Hussein Mohammed of Citizen TV’s The Big Question was the obvious choice. The questions were coming thick and fast, and from the beginning, it was clear Waiguru was not going to have it easy.

The most important question was always going to be when we should expect her to step aside. Waiguru however faulted the media and opposition for twisting facts, saying that she was actually the whistleblower, and that no money was lost.

She added that the CID and Cybercrime are investigating the matter.

She took her host through several lessons on macro and micro economics, and how government procurement works. From the comments on Twitter, it seems most were impressed with how she handled herself.

Hussein however did not give her a free pass and kept pushing and pushing. He asked her why she has not stepped aside yet other ministers stepped aside at the first mention of corruption. He also wondered whether she has protection from State House, asking her if “She has the President’s ear.” It was obvious Hussein was insinuating something naughty, but the good CS maintained her cool and said that by virtue of Cabinet Secretaries consulting with the President on a daily basis, they all have his ears.

She categorically denied being a first among equals, or as Hussein Mohammed put it, a ‘Superminister’ or ‘Prime Minister.’

She was also brought to task on allegations that she’s arrogant and dictatorial, to which she replied that she’s a hardworker and anyone who is anything but, will often find her pushy.

Asked whether she has political ambition, Waiguru gave an emphatic NO, saying she’s a technocrat and not cut out for politics. She further revealed that never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be a Cabinet Minister, but always aimed for a Permanent Secretary position. Well, she has the constitution to thank for that.

Watch the interview below.