Blogger Dennis Itumbi and deejay Pierra Makena were treated a to a rare scenario that saw them get racially discriminated by a waiter of their own race. As the story goes, Itumbi and Makena were at the Emrald Flamingo Beach Resort where they ordered for red-bull and soda but were told that it wasn’t available.
Minutes later a white guy came in, ordered for the red-bull and it came super-fast. On seeing this, an agitated Dennis took to social media to blast the restaurant for racial discrimination. Below is the complain Itumbi made after the incidence.

“I always thought this Racism/Favouritism was abit exaggerated, but minutes ago I witnessed this at the @Emrald_Flamingo Beach Resort. We order soda and red bull with my long time buddy DJ @Pierre Makena and the waiter tells us it is out… that of course we accept.But us we sit at the counter immediately after the statement a mzungu comes and order for red bull and immediately after, red bull is found, I am literally shocked.”

A nd a photo of the waiter who irked the State House insider.

Dennis Itumbi and Dj Pierra deiscriminated by waiter