mejja‘Niko Poa’ hitmaker Mejja aka Okwonkwo is arguably one of the finest artists in the country. Having come from Majengo in Nyeri, his story is one that inspires a lot of people to follow their dreams.

On social media, he is frequently seen sharing heartfelt stories in the quest to inspire and motivate his fans.

Earlier this week he was on another mission on social media..celebrating his tight bro Madtraxx. The duo who form part of hit making group The Kansoul, apparently go way back. Mejja revealed how Madtraxx used to encourage him to overcome the inferiority complex he suffered when he first came to Nairobi in 2007 because he was from the ghetto.

In the post, he also revealed that Madtraxx was the first person to buy him a hotdog and that he introduced him to Nairobi’s nightlife.

This is what he posted:

That Moment U Appreciate Your True Friend And It Hits u Hard!!!! @madtraxx He Has Been My Friend Since 2007 When I First Came To Nairobi, Yap Mi Ni Mse Wa Ocha Kuruka, I Used To Live With Clemo Madtraxx Would Lie To Clemo To Snick Me Out At Night, AkiNionyesha Nairobi Night Life, I Wish u Could See My Face The Nairobi Night Lights Mesmerized Me, He Never Judged Me From Where I Was From The Ghettoh, Dem He Was The First Person To Buy Me A Hot Dog, Mtu AkiNidharau Juu Yakutoka Ghettoh It Used To Affect Me He Would Sit Me Down And Encourage Me, Through Up And Down In My Life Amekuwa Na Mimi Always There When I Need A Brother, We Have Made Good Music Together And Still Making More, I APPRECIATE YOU MY NINJA GODBLESS YOU MY BROTHER Wagenge GODBLESS!!

That’s some true bromance right there!