kidThis is the story of a man’s cry to anyone in a position to help. His wife ‘ran away’ with their kids to the UK, and now the guy wants the kids back in Kenya. 

He has set up a website to try and make this happen, and perhaps with enough media exposure, justice will be served. Be prepared for a long read.

First, let me clarify one thing before we proceed further into the guts of this mess. This issue is NOT a case of a scorned Ex trying to get back at the wife. It’s not a religious case, It’s not a domestic case, it’s a very serious matter of impersonating poor refugees when you know full and well there is no war in Kenya and we don’t need to be sneaking into these European countries and crying for asylum. Kenyans are not seen drowning in dinghies trying to make it to the shores of Italy, Kenyans are hard workers, hustlers and we make ends meet the best we can. We are some of the proudest Africans there are.

My estranged wife Batuli Mohammed Abubakar while doing a screen test on K24 TV in 2014

Now to the case in hand; let me give you a background of who she is and how she got to where she is now. She is a 29 year old Kenyan woman, educated in Mombasa and Nairobi, cabin crew at Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi and married to me. Her name is Batuli Mohammed Abubakar, born on Valentines Day in 1986. (Her illegal alias is Manana Said Ahmed, born on the 29th of July 1990. A full 4 years younger!) Mother to my 5 year old twin boys Hussein and Farid.

February 2007. We are not married, she lives in Nairobi, Majengo slums, living with her mum in those shacks. My family was so against me dating her but I felt for her. I get her a ticket to Dubai and she travels for the first time, I stay with her until she finds a job at Etihad Airways. She and my sister become good friends, although at first she too despised her. But I guess a job in an airline changes perceptions.

December 2007. We had a massive wedding in Mombasa and about a year and a half later, while we are both working in the UAE, we get blessed and we find out we are expecting twin boys. What a joy! I thought to myself. But it turned out to be the beginning of the end. Within a few weeks she had convinced me that it would be best to go and have the boys in the UK where she has family instead of coming back to Kenya. (At the time, neither of us were residing here).

Fast forward to March 2011, so excited I’d be seeing my boys for the first time, I come to Kenya, organise where we’d be staying, yes there is family but ideally we’d need some privacy and had a lot of catching up to do. They arrive at JKIA, awesome feeling, hugged my boys so much, it was a wonderful experience and it was great for everyone. 2 months later, I have to go back to the UAE for work, but I had made up my mind I’m going to be relocating back to Kenya so that we can start a life here in Nairobi as a family.

October 2011, that same year, I quit my job, sold off everything I had and came back home. The plan was to secure a job, get our own place so that when they come it’s all good.


May 2012 I start working at Mediamax Network Ltd, Thank God, the hustle has paid off. Now to get all these things and make a home for them. I got a decent motorbike for the commute to work, things were starting to look up, work was good and soon enough I had my own place, decent enough for the rest of my neighbours on the block to have their families with them, so why wouldn’t it be good enough for us?

It’s 2013. Now I start reminding her that she needs to come back, it’s a bit frustrating interacting with my boys on Skype, we need to have a real life family together just like everyone else here. Things are good; we can totally make a life here with no issues. She promises to bring them during the summer break because now they started nursery school now. Fair enough, I’m kind of a patient guy, and I love my family, so it’s not too bad, right? Summer comes and goes one excuse after another, one fight after another, which obviously meant that the time had passed for them to travel that year, so it was now to be in 2014.

br3My estranged wife Batuli Mohammed Abubakar with my sons, Hussein and Farid

March 2014, I make sure that there is no drama at all this time, money is sent, 180k worth of tickets is bought, and finally my people are coming home. My boys are now 4 years old, they are familiar with me and my voice but they really don’t understand why I’m not with them all the time, it’s hard to explain this to 4 year olds who absolutely adore you. So I tell the mother, “You guys need to just stay here, I have no idea what you’re doing in Cardiff.” There is nothing she was doing there at all, no college, no training, no nothing. Worse still, I have to send this African money to the UK, so unnatural but I did it. For the love of my family, I’d do anything. So I give the bike to my brother and invest in a car, 700k + everything else, I was just too happy to do all that. I’m getting my family back, right? I should have rented the car for that time if I knew what was to come next.

She promises me she will only go back to Cardiff to arrange for her coming back. I’d done the same two years earlier and left everything in Dubai to come back here for us, sure she’d do the same, right? Wrong!

Now it starts getting interesting. All these fights, all these accusations and undermining from her and my own blood sister, who I came to realise planned the entire thing (May God curse Her Soul).

Time is moving, we are close to end of 2014, I’m still insisting on my boys, I can’t understand why I won’t be able to care and provide for them, the entire apartment block I stay in is filled with young couples with young children, why am I so un-special?

True identity: Batuli Mohammed Abubakar, City of Birth: Nairobi, Date of Birth: 14-02-1986

January 2015, I come across her expired passport in my house, it’s expired so she probably doesn’t need it, but in the same envelop there are these scanned passports, with hers and my boys pictures on them, but it’s not actually her names on there, Manana Said Ahmed, born on 29th July 1990. I know for sure my wife’s birthday is on Valentines day, my birthday is the one in July. Worse still, my boys are Called Hussein Ali Ahmed and Farid Ali Ahmed… My names are Ali Hussein Omar, how come they don’t reflect there in their identities?

I start making calls to her family and eventually find out the truth, she is buying time until she gets a full UK citizenship, as Somali refugees! Who would want that intentionally?

False identity: Manana Said Ahmed, City of Birth: Kismayu, Date of Birth: 29-07-1990

I personally would leave that opportunity for true suffering Africans or whoever but not my boys. My late grandmother; Mama Fatuma Wambui Gulam, started a children’s’ home in Nairobi in 1969, she’d spin in her grave if she knew her great grand children are on welfare in the UK, living in substandard government housing, surviving on welfare cheques and money sent from Africa by me. And worse still, illegally!

Pretending to be a Somali is not what you want when you live in Nairobi. We are basically at war with these people and their sneaky terrorists often cross over and do unspeakable atrocities. Why would anyone want to be part of that sort of stereotyping? Somalis are rounded up and shipped off to Kasarani Stadium in the middle of the night; my kids certainly are not Somalis, never will be.

I confront her and ask her to come clean, she needs to just tell the truth and come back home, her mother nowadays owns a restaurant in Nairobi just finished building her house in Tasia, it’s not like they are destitute and desperate people anymore. By the grace of God, now they all all good. Her younger sister got married 2 years ago, lives in Imara Daima and has a daughter. No issues in Kenya so far.

February 2015. I tell her the travel documents are still valid until 15th June 2015, so I’ll get you guys tickets again and you come back, all is still good, I’m shocked, but not too mad. We can salvage this relationship and give these boys a decent home and upbringing. I’m no dead beat dad. I’m sure I can do this.

My estranged wife Batuli Mohammed Abubakar with my sons, Hussein and Farid

It gets seriously absurd and crazy now, she claims to have sleepless nights, visions, spiritual visitations, prophesies and all sorts of things, I would say mental problems, but I’m no expert. She insists that Jesus Christ himself showed up at her house, next to some ISIS looking guys in Black and it was just easy to pick Jesus over these other guys. Then she has dreams again with Jesus saving her. I of course cannot believe this, it’s not possible. My Boys are Muslims, this woman is a Muslim, always has been, all her life. Where is all this coming from?

March 2015. I compromise, I don’t care, they are still my family and I want them back but the fact that she did that is still in the back of my head. I need to know why exactly, why she would take such a drastic risk to just be basically a British National on welfare. I don’t see the appeal because in reality, we are wasting away our marriage for a passport. It’s never ever going to be worth what we could have had.

She keeps dodging the question and goes quiet on me until finally she tells me that the reason for sacrificing the prime of her life and the boys’ possibility to know their father was because MY sister asked her to do it. Why? Because I’m never going to be successful enough to care for them and that I’d dump her one day and she would end up like the thousands of single mothers in Kenya…

April 2015. This is upsetting; I can’t believe my own sister has this little faith in me, let alone my supposed wife. And even if she did, what gave her the right to influence my wife into making such a massive crime and risk her children like that? But I insist, I need to have the boys here, they are my children and I have a right to be in their life, even if we are not going to be together, she can at least keep them a bit closer than 6,970 Km, yes, that’s the distance between Nairobi and Cardiff.

After deliberation and trying to compromise in all manners possible to get the boys and even her back home, I’m forced to go to the authorities and report the case. I write to the British High Commission, get a lawyer to do the case for me. So it’s not just something I did out of emotions, I really tried to compromise with her and gave her safe options but the lure of a British Passport is too big. That and my sister insisting on it, making sure I’ve been completely undermined, I’m nothing to this woman. What my sister Frennie has done, is completely unforgivable. And it’s not like she is younger than me, she doesn’t know better, she is a massive 10 years older and instead of telling this girl to go back to her husband even after she leaves the faith, she’s the one to text me to say I don’t deserve my boys.

So now we are where we are. On fathers’ day, I said good luck to all the lucky bastards out there spending it with their kids. I had already contacted the British High Commission here and made them aware of the situation. I have personally gone there and been told I cannot go in to see anyone; I have to make a phone call or send an e-mail. I have done both. I have even got a lawyer who sent a physical letter to the British High Commission in Nairobi, cc to The UNHCR, The Inspector General, Kenya Police and The UK Home Office, Immigration department. None of these offices have responded, I’ve had to follow with calls every week, they then acknowledged receiving the mails, and have forwarded to the relevant people in the UK.

I have proceeded to open a Facebook page to further highlight this thing, hopefully someone sees it and does something that will bring my boys home.

I opened a petition as well but she went and wrote to the site admins and it was put down, I wrote to them too but of course they ignored this African.

The Petition was pulled down #BringBackMyBoys

So now there is this website that hopefully gets opened on someone’s desk who can do something to help this situation. The fact of the matter remains, she is a fraud, scamming the British government for benefits, and worse still is she’s using the boys to get this agenda through. If she was on her own, I’m sure nobody would care, but this is about my 5 year old twin boys. Innocent boys who deserve nothing like this.

The latest thing now is that she is going to use her Jesus sightings to get fresh asylum from Christian groups there.

“If you report me, it will give me an opportunity to tell the world what I saw.”

She says that these white people love when Muslims go against their religion so they will welcome her with open arms and even protect her from me. She is saying I am punishing her because she left Islam. That’s not my job, that’s not my concern. She is saying I’ve failed in trying to convert her back to Islam, that’s not my problem either. What is my problem is my boys who are now in two big messes and do not deserve this. And in any case, there are plenty of Christians in Kenya who will welcome her and worship with her, no big deal. But my boys are not and will never be Somali refugees. Please help #BringBackMyBoys.

I didn’t want to make the Jesus sightings a big deal, but my family and hers as well here is outraged and shocked. People are rightly concerned but the woman is convinced, she is saved. And her middle name is Mohammed. The irony.

Now to conclude this little episode in my life, I need to know if what she has done is allowed and legal. That she is a Kenyan National, with all documents to prove her identity, but still goes on to cheat the British Government into giving her free housing and financial assistance benefits. I on the other hand am being told, I don’t know or care for these children… Did I request her to keep them away from me as a favour? I’m here working my ass off, paying taxes and everything and in the end I’m completely unable to even care for my own boys.

Apart from the apostasy and divorce, the fact remains that she is in fact a fraud, she is Kenyan, not a Somali and I have proof. So that’s the bottom line of this matter. No emotions, no victimisation, just 2 innocent 5-year-old’s who need to know their father.