yaya toureManchester City midfielder Yaya Touré was at the Kenyan coast last week.

It’s unclear whether his visit had anything to do with the recently launched Airtel campaign, in which he stars, but he was having a good time in Diani.

In a small meet with journalists, Touré spoke on a wide range of issues, including Wanyama, Arsenal, Rooney and the accommodation. He was full of praises for Kenya’s Victor Wanyama.


“Wanyama is a good friend of mine and I usually advise him when I get time,” he said.

He sidestepped the question of whether he might join Arsenal by saying, “You know we are in a foreign country. We are there to earn a living and fully exploit our talents that would otherwise have been impossible in Africa.”  Perhaps that also left the door open.

“Life in Europe can be frustrating sometimes, but we appreciate the opportunity that enables us to live well and provide for our families,” he added.

On his accommodation, he said, “I love this place and everything about it. It’s the perfect place to holiday and recuperate as I’m currently injured.”


Yaya Touré was accompanied by a beautiful lady, whom he introduced as his personal assistant, and interestingly his personal chef. I’m sure our food is not that bad (Bob Collymore would disagree), so the most likely explanation is that he’s on a strict diet regime to help him recover and keep fit, so it makes sense for the chef to tag along.

Diani is a hotspot for famous footballers, and it’s reported that Aaron Ramsey and Jose Mourinho have at some point also visited.

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Additional reporting by SDE