geraIt’s always interesting to know tidbits about some of our favorite celebrities from their past and how they came to be. Thanks to Throwback Thursdays, all that is possible.

Gerald Langiri is arguably one of Kenya’s most bankable actors. The burly thespian is renowned not only for the many roles he lands in top films but for his role in promoting the Kenyan film industry.

On Thursday, Gerald shared an interesting photo from his High School days when he was an aspiring bodybuilder..or at least that’s what it looks like. When he was in Form 3 at OlKejuado High School, he was quite the gym enthusiast. Whatever happened after school we do not know because clearly he did not end up getting ripped.

He posted:

#‎tbt‬ Form 3 Olkejuado High School – OHS #‎KajiadoHighSchool‬

Yes, Once upon a time I looked like this before discovering the real meaning of “Mzito” .

After my expulsion from Sobibor high school in form 3, I finished the remaining of my high school years in Masaai land. Started working out (more or less) because there was a gym in school (ile ya mawe mbili kwa chuma) and joined the basketball team and drama club.

I believe High school,more so boarding schools, teach you some hard core life lessons that you normally wont get in a day school.



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