For those of you who have been complaining that Sh 10,000 is too much to see someone you have already seen naked in a Sh 50 movie, your cries have been heard.

There is another cheaper version of the star. For Sh 10, you can get to see ‘her’ at Choopinsky. Of Course it is none other than popular comedian Timothy Kimani of Hapa Kule News.

He posted: Introducing Loo-pita Thiong’o.kuniona ni 10kshs pale choopinsky Nisisiskie mtu akiongea juu ya miguu pliiiiiz #legsonfleek #magurudumuonfleek #dressonfleek #Tuviatuonfleek#magotionfleek #chillsnotavailable #hashtagonfleek #miguuyangumizurikweli Make sure you watch #hapakulenews 


This promises to be a rib cracking episode!