If you’re not on Twitter, here’s a recap of what was happening yesterday. Everyone’s favourite political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi was under siege following revelations that he received hefty sums from NYS to come up with a ‘5 point’ plan.

The Star newspaper published a story on what was supposed to be about NYS corruption, but these two paragraphs turned it into a Mutahi Ngunyi thing.

The same documents show that Mutahi Ngunyi of The Consulting House has been paid Sh38.9 million for consultancy services for the implementation of the NYS 5-point Vision strategy.

Ngunyi received Sh25 million (Sh12.5 million each) as quarterly payment while he received Sh10 million on May 27 and another Sh3.9 million on the same day as reimbursement costs while implementing the 5-point Vision strategy.

The political analyst immediately took to Twitter and declared he would be suing the Star; not for making the payment allegations, but for quoting a lower figure.

Apparently, his company consults for 18 countries and Sh38 million published by the newspaper is too small.





On an interview with NTV later, Mutahi said that he felt they had actually been underpaid for the value of the work they had done.