bahatiOne of the most popular quotes on Father’s day states: “Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Gospel singer Bahati undoubtedly fits that ‘dad’ bill.

As the world was celebrating fathers over the weekend, the Groove Awards Male artist of the year took to social media to acknowledge that ‘parenthood is not about blood, not about age or being ready but it’s about the willingness to change a life.’ He was in particular referring to his adopted son, Morgan, whose story is not only heart wrenching but inspirational.

Bahati wrote:


For Rose and Purity I may not Know what exactly to give them but I try to Be the best DAD I can . But to me #MORGAN has been one of the Greatest things happened in my Life. I got to realise that Parent Hood is not about Blood,Not about age or being Ready (Considering my age) But it’s about the Willingness to Change A Life!!!…. His Story started off in a Sad tone, which I hope he will share with the World someday when he grows up. Morgan was Rescued from a Dumping Site Area just near Gitathuro River Mathare. Thanks to ABC KENYA Children Home staff that Rescued this great Soul. He had already developed health complications but God took him through and Now the kid can smile again. In Life I have faced pain but I always try the best I can not to see anyone else go through the Same. Morgan has taught me Patience and understanding. Personally I stopped sagging vile alisema “Nataka kufunga Suruali kama Babaa” And Maybe Nitanyoa Dreads siku atasema Nimpeleke Salon . Every Morning I wake up to Hustle so that I make this three Angels Proud!!! Keep praying for me.. I believe Someday God shall make this Family Complete


For such a kind and generous heart, the least Bahati deserves is a good wife. All the best!