jagkakaTwo of Kenya’s high flying musicians, Jaguar and King Kaka have come out to offer help to a boy who was arrested for allegedly jumping over a State House Perimeter wall. The boy, Matthew Maina apparently wanted to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta to ask for some money to enable him record his songs.

Matthew Kinuthia Maina was charged on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the charge of entering a protected zone illegally. He was presented before Resident Magistrate Edda Agade alongside two other men arrested by the Anti -Terror Police Unit (ATPU) on the same day with him on suspicion that they were members of the Al Shabaab, .

“Yes I jumped into State House because I knew I will find the President there. I wanted him to help me with money to record my songs so that I can be able to raise my fees and go back to school. I just wanted to ask for his help, I still do,” he said.

His case will be mentioned on Wednesday, July 1.

He may have been charged for the trespassing offence but his cloud soon got a silver lining when Jaguar and King Kaka got wind of his plight. Both artists took to social media seeking the whereabouts of the young lad.

Jaguar posted on Facebook: Would like to help this boy achieve his dream of recording…if u know him tell him to contact me….

King Kaka vowed to make sure that the budding musician recorded his music under his Kaka Empire stable.

“Hey saw the news yesterday. This boy jumped over state house to tell the president he wants to record songs but hana hela. He was arrested and prosecuted . I am willing to help the state solve one problem, let the country deal with the hospital conditions, the poor police pay, the unemployment, the bad roads, the corruption. I will make sure he records. Kaka Empire pamoja na Pacho are willing to do that. Ama since ako kwa custody ya government, please hand him over.”