jkuatThe Commission for University Education has released a list of University Satellite campuses in Nairobi, and their accreditation status. 8 campuses of major universities will be closed down in the next 6 months for failing to meet the commission’s minimum requirements.

Some of them don’t have enough physical infrastructure and lecturers, or are simply not located in conducive environment. Among those that are ‘safe’ include: All Moi university Nairobi campuses, both Kenyatta University’s Haile Selassie and Parklands Law campus, Laikipia University and KeMU.

These are however the 8 campuses that will be shut down in 6 months if they will not have met the conditions.

1. St. Pauls University Church House Moi Av.
2. Egerton University Stanbank house Moi Ave.
3. African Nazarene Agrho House Moi Av
4. Dedan Kimathi- Union Towers and Biashara plaza
5. MMU City Sq Post office. Building
6. MMUST Kingsway building- Muindi Mbingu st.
7. JKUAT- Westlands off Waiyaki Campus.(Kabarsarian Av)
8. South Eastern Kenya University – Development House Moi Av. Southern Wing


Main campuses are not affected.