I’m always surprised by Kenyans obsession with red carpets. It must be laid for anyone in power, regardless of venue. When the President is inspecting the SGR railway, there it is. When he’s at the airport about to depart, there it is. No matter the time of day.


It may surprise you that the leader of the free world rarely uses the red carpet.


Uhuru’s juniors have picked up the habit and are now having red carpets even in unlikely situations. Take Devolution CS Anne Waiguru for example, who had it laid as she was planting a tree.

This Kenyan wondered why.


I’m not sure what’s more saddening. The fact that they are abusing the red carpet, or the fact that most of these carpets are old, worn out and simply eye sores.

Next time Waiguru is planting a tree, she should remember that these two Nobel Peace Prize winners were not worried about dirtying their shoes.