UmoInner buses are once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. If you are a regular commuter on the vehicles, we suggest you make you some changes before it is too late.

Yesterday, a lady was found drugged and left for dead in one of the sacco’s vehicles, registration number KBV 990N. Photos of the unfortunate lady went viral yesterday after blogger Robert Alai highlighted her plight.

Details are scanty on what actually transpired.

Here are the photos:






Cases of passengers getting drugged are on the rise, especially in Eastlands. Commuters have been urged to be on the look out for suspicious looking people and behaviors. It is believed the culprits use a spray to render their victims unconscious before stealing their valuables.

Here are some reactions:

Juliet Nduta Forward travelers zimejaa kunguni, Umoinner uwe dragged..wacha niendeshe baisikeli kabla ninunue nduthi.

Wini Wonder I have witnessed it happening, last week mats za 44 early morning while going to work. The ‘drugged’ man was sooo helpless n not moving at all. First aid seemed not to be working. There was alot of traffic. Some of us were freaked out we alighted the mat immediately n signalled trafic cops who were not far away to come. have no idea about the fate of that guy. But beware people!! No one looked guilty but be careful…

Violet Wanjiru its true my bro aliamkia kayole stage bila any

Corazone Quin Cartney this happens alot in eastlands..even in donholm n kayole..very wrong

Baba Zuri Beware of who u seat with in a public transport,if u notice funny behaviour notify even the other passengers….I feel sorry for her.

Paul Kidéw Beware of anyone pressing themselves so close to your face or passing their jacket/pullover closer to your nose whike removing it.
And the touts always knows these culprits and abets their acts in as much they will always rush to disclaimers.

Graycee Nyar Ombuya also avoid talking to strangers in a hubby was drugged in mats za kayole.think they put dawa kwa mdomo so the more they talk next to you the more you get drugged then they time you and rob you everything. Nrb nkt

Nahunja Oscar ummoinner imekuwa mbaya sasa. we loved the mats till they decided to change

Philemon Masoni Egondi hata mat za kayole 17b za kuenda kariobangi raunda na gikossh